Stories of Hope

When Larry went to the doctor with a nosebleed, he was shocked to learn that he was very sick and needed a kidney transplant to survive. After four years on dialysis, his liver also began to fail.

Leaving behind 36 years of diabetes and over ten years of Chronic Kidney Disease, Karen now has hope for improved quality of life.

Since his bone transplant, Tyler is playing with a handicap. At the moment, it’s about a nine. Tyler has moved on from the bone cancer and the tissue transplant that followed.

Carey, a 21-year-old college student, was shot and killed by a mentally ill student. Carey’s sister knew that he had indicated his desire to be a donor on his driver’s license. His family decided to honor Carey’s wish.

A typical elementary school student, Destiny loves to climb, dance and play. Looking at Destiny today, it is hard to believe than as an infant she was diagnosed with severe liver disease and given six months to live.

I’ve had a bad heart for most of my adult life. I was on my second pacemaker/defibrillator when things started to go downhill rather quickly. In total I collapsed five times.

Michelle’s daughter, Madisynn, was born with a rare and fatal condition known as Berdon’s Syndrome. She was unable to eat or digest food on her own. Her family was given little to no hope on her chances of living.

When I think about what donation means to our family, all I can think about is the second chance the our daughter, Annabella, received at life.

I have many reasons to be thankful to share my story as part of the national campaign to increase awareness of the need for organ donation.

Update: Arlette received the life-saving gift she had waited for: a new kidney!


Be inspired by recipients who have overcome the odds and the donors and donor families whose legacy lives on them.