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Donor Brother Waits for His Own Gift

My amazing sister, May, had a heart on her driver’s license thanks to a DMV Examiner. May was accomplished in her life of serving others as an educator, friend, confidant, and loving parent.  She touched many people, and she is remembered often because of her unselfish educational practices and actions.

May intended to give me one of her kidneys since I suffer from kidney disease. Unfortunately, May died unexpectedly from an aneurism. We were devastated. The doctors determined that at that time I was not a medically suitable recipient. But, she was able to give life to three other individuals. We are so thankful that they alive today because of my sister’s organs. I even had the opportunity to meet one of them!

May’s story has prompted numerous friends, family members and others to register as organ donors.  What Driver's License Examiners do – asking people if they wish to be a donor at the DMV – can make it so much easier for grieving families like ours.

We believe that I will receive a kidney transplant when it is best. My social worker, Ms. Sammy Bailey, who received a kidney transplant herself 32 years ago, helps take care of me while I receive testing to be placed on the waiting list.  

The first step begins with you registering to be a donor for the chance to save another person’s life.

--John Hope