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Donor Registry

The NC Donor Registry is a confidential computerized database that documents a person's decision regarding donation. The Heart Prevails Law passed in 2007 makes your decision to be an organ, eye and/or tissue donor legally binding. Families are closely involved in the donation process, but cannot override their loved one's decision, if they are age 18 or older. By joining the registry, you can be assured that your wishes will be honored.

The registry is managed and maintained through a partnership between Donate Life NC and the Divison of Motor Vehicles. To learn more about the donation process and registration options, click here.

If you are already registered with the DMV, you may also update your record to specify your wishes, including tissue donation, in the online registry.  It relieves your family of making this decision on your behalf, so please be sure to tell them when you join the registry. Additionally, there are other ways in which you can help.