Words of Encouragement and Hope from a Registered Donor

When I was 19 years old, I was in a head-on collision, in my car, while driving home from a
friend’s house. The accident caused my spleen to swell and create a pocket in my kidney. My
body was challenged with emptying caffeine and acidic drinks. I found whenever I would drink my favorite soda or grapefruit juice, I would develop a kidney infection or other health issues. Doctors were concerned that I would have to go on dialysis or have my kidneys removed, and I was ok with that because I knew, if it came down to it, I knew there were people who had registered to be a donor, like I had. And I could possibly save a life, or be saved. I thank God, for revealing to me that I needed to stop drinking sodas and drinks high in citric acid. Since I stopped drinking those types of beverages, I have had no issues with my kidneys.

As registered donor, it is my hope and prayer, someone will have the heart and
passion to allow God to use them to serve selflessly in their transition. It is my prayer that
through the gift of donation, someone will see the goodness of the LORD and the miraculous
artistry God has created on this earth. It is my prayer that a recipeint may feel love, compassion, and joy in knowing that there is ONE who loves beyond measure and will receive love in the capacity available, nurturing it to grow in abundance, giving them a better quality of life and compassion to hear the voice of the Lord and listen intently to allow their faith to be increased and their purposeful living received. It is my hope, that people will go to the doctor and receive help to identify issues in a timely manner, to allow resources to align, and healing to manifest.

God has granted gifts, talents and wisdom to those called to serve in the medical profession.
Please let the delivery of the blessings of God’s medical miracles reach those in need.

Be a blessing and become a donor!