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Living Donor Stories--Dori

Three years ago, in late February 2018, I read a friend’s post on Facebook.  She was telling her story and her need to find a kidney donor.  As I read her post, I felt God telling me write down the number of the transplant coordinator.  A few days later I called and said I was interested in finding out more and whether I could donate to my friend.  After the rounds of testing (I think they could have told me the number of hairs on my head), I was told that I was a match for my friend.  What an emotional day – in a wonderful way!

Being told that I was accepted and approved to donate my kidney to my friend was really powerful and emotional.  I was able to give a part of myself to her – and give her a new life.  Our transplant date was December 4, 2018.  I don’t miss my lefty at all and my friend loves having lefty!  She has a new lease on life – she runs, hikes, travels, and works with renewed energy!

There was some pain (not enough to keep me from getting out and walking a few days after surgery) and exhaustion (I don’t remember much of that December because I slept a lot) following surgery BUT – it was all worth it!  I would donate all over again!  Blessed beyond measure to be able to donate and give the gift of a beautiful renewed life!