From the HEART


Told By Courtney Waring


At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on the flat bone above my right eye. I had surgery to remove the tumor and began chemotherapy. After 3 years, my cancer returned at the age of 9 and underwent therapy again. After living with cancer and surviving, I went to live my life by helping others through joining various organizations. I attended USC Aiken in the field of Early Childhood Education. During my Sophomore year in undergrad, I began to have shortness of breath and swelling. I went to several different doctors only to be sent home with a diagnosis of asthma. I progressively got worse and went to the emergency room. I was then diagnosed with congestive heart failure that was stemmed from the chemotherapy, admiamycin, I received as at the age of five. My heart function had 7% ejection fraction. Through medication and excellent physician care, I returned to a normal heart function and my everyday life.In November of 2017, I went into heart failure again. However, through different trials of medication, I was is in need of a heart transplant determined by the Sanger Heart & Vascular Transplant team, by the end of January 2018. On February 1, 2018, I was listed as a 1a recipient and by February 3, 2018, I received a new heart. My transplant happened on Super Bowl Sunday on February 4, 2018. I am forever gratefully blessed for my donor and this new chance at life. Everyone, especially minorites, should register to be a donor!