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Bobbie's Re-Birthday

A special "Re-Birthday" story told by Britt Misenheimer.

The hardest part waiting for Mom’s gift of life was the fear that she wouldn’t make it until the call came. We just wanted our family to have more time with her, more moments to hug and say ‘I love you,’ more family dinners where we laugh more than we eat, more days to watch her be the amazing person she is… just more of everything.

We also knew what we were waiting for. We knew THE CALL would come at the expense of another person’s life. It was such a horrific thing to wrap our heads around. My Mom would live through the immeasurable generosity of a family going through the worst thing that can ever happen.

We were acutely aware of how precious life is. We had fought and cried and prayed for the life in front of us. How could our nightmare end only when another would begin? What kind of world spares one family but not another? We grieved for a person we didn't even know as we celebrated mom’s new chance at life.

You think about the heart, the one organ that sustains all the others. Life comes through and by the heart. To feel another person’s heart working inside my mom, wow. That's what this was all about. To bring life, to save a life. There is so much joy in the beauty of humanity. How can you not smile at that, when you know that this is what the world is, and you get to be in it? It still amazes me.

 Happy 3rd Re-Birthday Superwoman!

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