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Black History Month Series: Phelicia S. Price, kidney recipient


My name is Phelicia S. Price. I am a Charlotte native and yoga instructor. I live in Greenville, NC.


Would you like to share something about your donor? 


My living donor is my cousin Dean. Our fathers are brothers and were very close. Dean is named after my father. 


What was the day of your surgery like?


The day of surgery was full of hope, love, and gratitude. The nurses pushed our beds together and we told stories until Dean was rolled back. 


How was your recovery and what did you learn through the process?


My recovery was not complicated physically. There are lots of appointments and it can be draining, but you know it is to keep tabs on you during the most critical time, maintaining your health and safety.  


Is there a statement you'd like to make sure that we include or highlight in our feature about your journey?


I am a member of the NC Transplant Athletes, and it has changed my life. Competing with and against athletes from all over the country who have all had transplants gives me hope and encouragement. 


Can you share a statement that may inspire someone to register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor?


Go to the Transplant Games of America at Read stories, see pictures and watch videos of what life is like for someone whose life was saved by organ donation. Watch how the teams honor the donor families and their loved ones. Become an organ donor.