Arlette Whitaker: Dialysis Nurse Keeps the Faith, Waiting for a Kidney

Arlette Whitaker so graciously share her story of waiting on the transplant list, but we are so happy to share that she received her life-saving kidney transplant in January 2013. For an update on her life now, please read this article from The Daily Reflector:

To read what life was like before her transplant, please read her story below!

I am on peritoneal dialysis (PD) and have been since 2007.  PD is a great way to live if dialysis is needed.  It allows me the freedom to adjust my schedule to attend the various functions in life and to work a full time job as a dialysis nurse.  I am thankful for the technology that enables this.  Having said this, a kidney transplant will be my best option and life will be restored to me.

Waking up daily and knowing that a kidney transplant is needed is a reality for me.  I pray for the day that dialysis is no longer needed.  Although transplant is not a cure, it is a much needed break from dialysis and the constant adjustment of your diet and medications.  Receiving a kidney transplant would be nothing short of a miracle -  after all, you are receiving life.  A life for me to continue being a mother of two, a wife, a friend, a sister and a nurse.  A transplant will not only bless me, but hundreds of others that are part of my life, or others whose life I will touch in the future.

I keep the faith that one day I will get the call for the perfect match that will enable me to enjoy life to the fullest once again. I pray that the blessings that I receive on that day will return a hundredfold to that person, or that person's family for the selfless act of giving.  Give life, be a donor!