Melissa McDaniel: Dancing Again

Melissa was able to dance and choreograph the Donate Life Flash Mob for LifeShare Of The Carolinas thanks to a life-enhancing tissue donation that helped her heal from a devastating knee injury.  Watch Melissa dance and read her story to inspire you and your friends to register today as organ, eye and tissue donors.

Melissa McDaniel is a choreographer and dance instructor in Charlotte, NC. In 2004 she suffered a knee injury that compromised her career. She completely severed her anterior cruciate ligament in a performance, and her doctor advised her that surgery was the only way to get back to dancing.  Her medical team offered the use of donor tissue as an option because of the increased success rate and faster recovery. she had the surgery, using the donor tissue, and is living her dream today.

"I never dreamed I would be doing what I am doing and loving it so much. I get to travel the country touching the lives of young dancers and audiences.  It is extremely rewarding."

Melissa is forever grateful to the donor and the donor family that enabled her to live her dream. She often says, "My tissue transplant didn't save my life, but it saved my quality of life." Without the caring and selfless act of a family that chose to give in their time of sorrow, Melissa's life would have been drastically changed, and her quality of life would have been seriously diminished.

Melissa says, "I am eternally grateful to the donor family that gave me the opportunity to fulfill my destiny.Their sacrifice has not only served me but it has served the students that I have touched, and it will continue to serve people as they go out and share their talents with the world. The number of people they have helped is immeasurable."